Knowing What Goes in Each Basket

Recently, I did a presentation to business owners and entrepreneurs on mind mapping your financial plan.

The presentation was a simple mind map - similar to the one on my website.

This example, however, is an asset allocation mind map.  How to, or where to, diversify within your basic financial plan is a question that comes up during my presentations of mind mapping.  You can use this example to help diversify and understand where you investments fit.  


you don't have to be good to start but you have to start to be good

I wanted to take time and reflect on all the great stories from this past weekend with my Joslins MMA teammates at the Grappling Industries Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament.

The inspiration for me came from so many different people, from competitors, teammates, and friends. I couldn't even start to list the experiences from that day, to sum it up though, "today was a a good day" (Mike Mccormick, I listened to that song at least 10x after you put it up).

The haul of medals was a result of the experience and coaching, from our team's leader, Jeff Joslin, and filters down from brown to white belt. Thank you for providing the environment for us all to grow and share our game, I believe this is just the start of something special happening.

We all have different goals, however, remember "you don't have to be good to start but you have to start to be good".

Looking forward to the next one.

Visit to Edmonton

Recently I visited Edmonton for the 100 year anniversary of PPCLI.  I served 41/2 years with the Elite.  It was great seeing old friends again and catching up.  PPCLI has been to all the hot spots since I got out:  Kosovo, Afganastan, Haiti, and Ukrane

Also, while I was in Edmonton, I noticed that the area is expanding, their cost of living is higher but there is less tax.  The airport is to the South of the city, about 10 to 15 km, so I had a chance to notice the area around the city as I drove in.  The surrounding area of farmland is now becoming suburbs and overpasses - I can see just from the drive some of the effects of the harvesting of the resource of oil in Fort McMurray.